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I wear a mean pair of heels but catch me on a good day and I’ll have spikes on 🙂

First off, I am deeply in love with the Man who died for me. I love Jesus and I strive to be and reflect His image as I go through my different journeys. I know that life hits hard and I sometimes don’t want to face reality but I remind myself that I am in the process of becoming the leader my vision needs me to become.

The name is Shannen-Rose, but most people call me Rose. I’m that chick who you look at now and remember me from 6 years ago and think, “She’s still doing that?!” Yes! I am still doing that! You won’t catch me not chasing my dreams — AND — you won’t catch me while I’m chasing my dreams! Look, this is how I see it: Success is never on sale. You cannot acquire greatness at a discount. Excellence is never half off. It’s ALL OR NOTHING. There is no power in a half-hearted spirit and “I refuse to ever slack or back up on my dreams” – Lecrae

Anyone out there who is going after what’s yours…LET’S GET IT!!
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P.S. – If you go look, you may find me in my  header image 😉

Click this link to see the program God enriched, strengthened and accelerated my life out from rock bottom with. I would not be as mentally tough as I am today if not for Niyi, what he does, and the people I met along the way. These Killas have become my family.

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